New To Bodybuilding? Set Milestones To Monitor Your Progress

Bodybuilding is a process that can span over the duration of several years. If you’re new to bodybuilding, therefore, it is important to view the journey ahead of you as a marathon and not as a sprint. And as a result, there is great need to set personal milestones as you embark on this journey. Like in any other process, these milestones will allow you to monitor your progress with every passing day. Below, see some of the common milestones you can set up for yourself.

1. Duration spent bodybuilding

One easy milestone that you can set for yourself is that of time. That is, how long have you been bodybuilding? Lots of people fail to understand just how important this milestone is. After all, many people embark on the process only to fall off the wagon after a few weeks or months. That said, you ought to recognize every passing day that you remain active in bodybuilding. You can set monthly, quarterly, annual or six-month milestones for yourself in this regard.

2. Muscle development

One huge aspect of bodybuilding is to get buff. That is, to increase body muscle. It’s therefore very important to keep track of just how well you’re fairing in this regard. This means keeping track of how your body is developing in various areas, e.g. your chest, your core, your legs, your arms, etc. The goal is to see an increase in the different muscle groups around all these areas. You can monitor this every month or every three months.

3. Fat content

Muscle aside, you also need to monitor your body fat content. When you start off, you will have a high fat-content percentage. The goal should be to lower this percentage as you go along. Most professional bodybuilders have a fat content lower than 10%. The very top bodybuilders have a body fat content lower than 5%. Making your fat content a milestone allows you to gauge how much work you’re putting in and how close you’re getting to your objective. You can monitor this monthly or quarterly as well.

4. Weight

You can also monitor your bodybuilding progress through your weight like many other people do. This is best done on a monthly basis. Checking your weight allows you to gauge if you’re getting bigger, smaller or if you’re having a stagnant body development. As you may well know, muscle is heavier than fat. So as you work out, you will shed fat and then start to build muscle. Your weight should, therefore, take a dip and then start to climb steadily as you get buff.

Remember that these are just but the most observed milestones when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness in general. There is no reason why you cannot set your own additional milestones. As long as they are going to be of help to you then that’s a plus.